Websites are still vital to local search – Few reasons behind this

Increasingly large numbers of local businesses are leveraging social media profile pages instead of websites and they are considering this as the main face of operation. Data show that there are alarming numbers of businesses which still don’t have a website. As per a Capital One survey of 400 small businesses, it was found that 58% still don’t have their company website and 53% were mobile optimized. In other words, less than 30% of businesses have a website which was optimized for mobile. Such reasons are enough to persuade some third-party business owner that having a social media page is one of the best alternatives to maintaining a business website.  Here are some reasons why websites still matter for local search.

  • 64% of consumers use websites to find out a business

As per April 2017 report of Local Search Association, websites were the second most-used media to locate small businesses. The only 2 forms of media which were used by most of the consumers while looking at ‘past week’ trends are company websites and search engines. Consumers use websites to engage with a business and the rate of 64% has increased from 2015 when it was 58%.

  • Top 10 SEO local organic factors are website related

Only 5% of consumers in 2016 never utilized a search engine to find out local businesses, which means 95% have used. 70% reported searching for some local business at least 6 times in a year. Hence SEO is indeed a big deal. As per Moz’s 2017 local search ranking factors, the first 10 factors are all related to websites. Hence website is important for local search.

  • 30% of consumers won’t even start a business without a website

Just because people take a look at your Facebook page or go through your reviews on Yelp, this doesn’t mean that they want to check out your website. Consumes rely on multiple sources to gain information before making a decision on purchasing. Consumers usually use 3 sources before making a buying decision and 30% strike off a business from consideration if they don’t have a website.

This article doesn’t have an intention of bashing social media marketing as a vital tool for online marketers. Rather, it spreads the message that all businesses should have a website of its own no matter how much they engage in social media.

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