Few common SEO mistakes which blogs make – Don’t miss them!

Over the last few decades, the landscape of digital marketing has definitely evolved. With every changing algorithm being passed from Google, there is plethora of misinformation floating around in the online marketing world. With the deluge of information, it is pretty easy to lose sight of the main practices which we should be employing in the SEO and content marketing strategies. We have often seen and read on the best SEO practices but let’s explore the blogging mistakes which should be avoided.

  • Keyword structure that isn’t optimized

In spite of the rise of machine learning and semantic search, keyword research still is of higher priority, especially when you’re shaping a campaign for internal content marketing. The on-site content should be linked by keywords and topics to the overall objectives of the business. In case your blog has content which just covers the topics and not the keywords, it is tough to determine what the users will actually demand. Don’t forget that keywords are a bridge between informational content and user intent.

  • Internal links which are inconsistent

One of the biggest overlooked parts of SEO optimization is internal linking and the issues with internal links occur on websites for SEO agency as well. There are different functions for proper linking for SEO like establishing a bridge for the digital users to navigate sites, defining architecture of site and the most vital search engines and web pages, distributing link juice or authority through the website.

  • Badly prepared page copy

As it is true with digital marketing, it’s vital to write for the visitors and not for the search engines. Your content should be light enough, it shouldn’t smell of knowledge and over-confidence which is filled with jargons and people studying even in the 8th grade should understand what you write. Content marketing is more of a branding exercise and also a marketing tactic. Don’t ever make the blunder of sacrificing authority with poor copy.

  • Images and videos which aren’t optimized

Did you know that image file formats and video files which are not optimized properly can all lead to a deteriorating SEO performance? When you optimize video files, host the files in a single folder and create a sitemap for search engines to easily index the videos.

Therefore, if you have a blog of your own, you should always try your best to avoid the above mentioned mistakes. We are reputed SEO company based in Pakistan offering services at competitive prices. For more information about this feel free to call us on 00923017277767 or drop us an email in this mail I’d or

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