Facebook gives you a ‘Snooze’ option rather than ‘Unfollowing’ a friend

Facebook has recently brought into effect a brand new option for muting different pages and people as this option is less anti-social than directly unfriending them from their Facebook friend list. Although Facebook still didn’t get the ‘snooze’ option to the app yet as it is being tested among few Facebook users in America. You have to visit the page of the friend, click on the drop-down menu which you will find next to the person’s name, group or page.

Whenever you hit on the ‘Snooze’ button on a page, person or a group, you can easily mute that person for either 30 days, 7 days and 24 hours. The friend, on the other hand, will never get to know that you have muted that person and hence this entire procedure will be entirely anonymous.

What sense does this ‘Snooze’ feature reveal?

It makes sense when Facebook introduces this ‘Snooze’ feature as this will prevent many pages and people from being unfollowed for a long time. With this temporary option of Snoozing, it will ensure that pages, people and groups are re-followed yet again post a definite period of time. A spokesperson from Facebook has recently claimed to Tech Crunch that this Snooze feature is not yet ready but it is being tested on. He said that he’s testing different new ways to offer control to people on their News Feeds so that they can better stay connected with the stories of the friends who are most relevant in their lives.

Nevertheless, it is still not known about when this Snooze feature will be finally rolled out into the markets. This would entirely depend on the United States of America and whether or not they want to roll out and when they’re actually planning to do so.

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