Feb 24

Twitter has recently automated the use of multiple accounts – Know how

If you are a Twitter user, you will be aware of the fact that Twitter has got brand new rules to prevent services and applications from leveraging automation for reasons of spreading spam. Twitter is also making certain changes to its API which will limit the ability of the users to perform coordinated actions through […]

Feb 19

Basic tips on the right keyword strategy for SEO

One of the basic foundations of an SEO campaign is researching the right keywords. Keyword research defines different strategy like vertical analysis and competitor. A modern strategy for keywords can no longer consider the words that the users type within a search box. Gradually, voice search is taking an integral part in the present keyword […]

Feb 16

Creators of Snapchat get access to audience analytics – What’s the take?

Few selected creators on Snapchat are obtaining access to analytics data regarding their audience. This can include few insights like engagements, story views and demographics. If you thought everyone would get access to this, you’re wrong as only those who are just a part of Official Stories program of Snapchat are receiving access to this […]

Feb 12

Instagram will notify users when someone takes a screenshot

Instagram’s popularity is something that is being talked about by all as this picture-sharing social media site which is gaining momentum everyday. Once you open a profile in Instagram, you will be able to connect to the most alluring strangers and celebrities alike and the best part about this social networking site is that they […]

Feb 04

YouTube has new plan for penalizing channels which spread harm

We all are aware of the fact that YouTube is the ultimate video marketing channel without which the marketers aren’t going to go anywhere. No amount of effort would work if you don’t leverage the best video marketing efforts. Of late, YouTube has announced yet again that they will start penalizing the channels in a […]

Nov 28

Private blog networks are the best ways of penalizing your website – How to identify them

You must have heard about PBNs or Private Blog Networks but you might not be sure about what they are and in what way they are used. For your kind information, a PBN is nothing but a network of websites that are used to build links to a website for manipulating search engine rankings. Such […]

Nov 22

Provoke your audience to take action immediately – How to shape content

Reach is definitely not the ultimate goal; rather it is a milestone which has to be reached to deliver value to the audience which will have an impact on them and in their lives in a good way. We find lot of content being published in a day, while some are useful, some others are […]

Nov 14

Google Panda Update – Are you sure you know everything on it?

As you all know Panda is nothing but the official name given to a Google algorithm update which diminished the occurence of poor-quality and poorly-written content in search engine result pages only to reward compelling and unique content. During the time Panda was launched, there were too many complaints about the increased influence of content […]

Nov 07

Bind Ads and AdWords tips from PPC experts – Know before you act

If you’re someone working in PPC, you are definitely always hunting for some great tips to boost performance shape management. This post will tell you about the few PPC tips shared by experts. Read on to know the useful PPC insights, secrets and wisdom from today’s PPC experts. Countdown Timer This is one of the […]

Nov 01

What is the Google Caffeine update all about?

It was on 2009, 10th August when Google announced Caffeine which could become one of the most vital updates in the history of search engine. This specific update was so enormous and huge that Google offered several months of Developer Preview. There was enough at stake and Google gave SEO professionals and web developers access […]